Need texture and material help!!

I use normal maps, displacement maps, and specularity maps but the textures still appear flat. What am I doing wrong?

I take the image texture and run it through a diffuse. Then i have another image texture with the normal map that after going through the normal map node is plugged into the normal value of the diffuse shader. the diffuse shader then hooks up to a mix shader that has a glossy shader running into it. then i have the specularity map plug into the factor value of the mix shader. also i have a displace modifier that has the displacement map.

P.S. I have tried to upload an image but it is not uploading.

What am I doing wrong?
Not showing us anything or supplying a blend file along with your textures ?

What renderer ?
How have you set up your textures in the texture settings or node tree ?

Come back with some more useful info that will enable someone to possibly help you

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Make sure to properly uv unwrap the object before texturing! :wink: