Need Texture Artist for CoOp in Graphic Novel

Working on a graphic novel and aside from retexturing DAZ3D models as the baseline for the artwork, I create my own content in Blender but have little skill and even less patience for texturing.
I have an example of a finished frame (pre-lettering stage). As you can see the art is a bit gritty so keep in mind.
Attached is a blend of a helmet I just created that will be used on the guards of the facility being approached by the character above. I included a photo of the helmet and the rest of the figure as a reference to guide in the texturing ideas for the helmet.
I would love to partner with a texture artist for long term cooperative work on the novel. This is going to be an independent free release when it is done and to date I am the only one on the project. Now if it takes up interest in the distant future, and there is a desire to market, I will of course include the texture artist in it because that is good business and would probably lose my artist if I didn’t.
So please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

**edit: I have a more broken down helmet as I learned that mirrored parts have issues when textured. I split the nose, mouth, and light tubes into left and right objects. However, the forum keeps giving me an error when trying to upload it. I can send it to you if you want.


Indie Tech Hemlet.blend (1.94 MB)