need the shell of a house making

Hello all, im not very good at Blender im afraid, and i was wondering if there was someone out there who could help me model a large house, it has four floors, stairs, and an elevator.
i have the plans for the houses four floor that were drawn up by an architect, and eventually id like to make a game out of it - but not now. im not expecting all the work to be done for me, i can do windows and doors. and textures and stuff.
i`ll even throw in some beer money (50 dollars?) if anyone is up to it.



Im up for helping you, will give me some more practice :slight_smile: should be quite an easy task with floor plans

thanks but already have someone now, i`m quite amazed at the response, Ive had quite a few PM\s already.

what an awesome community, hopefully i`ll be good enough one day to help someone else out :slight_smile:

this is what happens when you mention beer money… :slight_smile: