Need this

I need an armature ragdoll example for 2.49 I just need to see setup, No script just Logic bricks please. Hopefully one of you can help I have been trying all morning to make it work.


You can make ragdolls using constraints on rigid body objects, but I do believe that turning an armature into a ragdoll, however, does require python.

Maybe this could help you:

It is a french tutorial about ragdolls in Blender 2.4(9?). At the end you can find the .blend.

(Actually it doesn’t work with armatures but with constraints…)

i saw i video tut on doing this but the guy was using an earlier version but i still can’t make it work. he did not use any script.

It works to a point but but when adding constraints to armature it get screwed up

What i need is a cylinder with 4 segments or so and 4 bones Very simple.

Not is nesessary use python, you can use the logic brick “armature” for activate the ragdoll, and the ragdoll its made with constraints. Sorry english.

Great. Do you have an example?


I can make an example, but for 2.69.

No. i need for 2.49 I have examples for later versions of BGE but they don’t work on 2.49 Thanks anyway