Need Tips / Help on Seamless texturing.

What other ways are there to create a seamless texture? No just the way the UVs are lined out but more on what are the techniques I can use solve seamless texture problems?

You can use multiple UV layouts and render baking to fix this. Set up another UV map that includes just an area with a seam, set it as the active UV with a new image, and render-bake the original texture to this UV. Now you can paint over the seam and lay this healed image over the original.

Links to Multiple UV Layouts and Render Baking in the Wiki.

See also this thread.

my other thought was to make your seams where the materials naturally change, like at her shoe line, not her ankle.

The other is that you can always fold under the UV to that the two sides use the same texture image pixels.

There is also the dropper for sampling exact colors in texture paint

The other is that you can alpha to like .5 at edges of image texture, and then it will blend to the underlying material color or vertex paint smoothly.

So what CD38 is saying is something like masking the ‘healed’ image over the original image so that the to image / uv layout blends together into one? But as you can c in my uv layout that I have already unwrap it or broke up the parts of the body. I saw some of the artist work on their own project like this and they also broken the body parts but you can tell where the seam line is untill you look into the uv layout. what I want to know is that is there any steps or techniques they may be using in the work process?

I’ve been trying to do this too for days now and have only been able to do each part separately, ie, render baking or making new uv layouts in a new uv layer. Problem is I can’t figure out how to get them to work together so I end up with the new texture containing the seam for editing.
I hate to impose, but would you mind elaborating on this process?