Need tips on my flying bean


This might belong in works in progress, but the tips I’m hoping for are pretty specific to animation, so I’m asking here.

Anyway, here’s the animation, both in its fully rendered glory and partly in a wireframe mode so you can see where I’ve got curve guides. The problem should be obvious, basically the wings look kind of crappy. I tried triple-vertex parenting the curve guides, but that didn’t give me enough control, so now they are keyed independently. Which is fine, since the movement you see is pretty much all they have to do.

I’m wondering what the biggest problems are here. I’ve tweaked lighting, materials, curves… Do I need more curve guides? Also, the specularity on the wings seems high, but the particles are halos, so I don’t know how to adjust that.

Anyway, any observations/suggestions very much appreciated, the more concrete the better.

And yes, it’s a flying green bean. Don’t ask, it’ll bring a tear to your eye when I get it all in context…