Need tips on my renderings

Hey peeps i just need some input on my renderings so tell me what u think! Oh some aren’t finnished



Enter then click on Gallery!

nuthing is showing up cept a “page cannot be displayed” error

I might of been the port my site wes listening on i changed it so hopefully it will work now. :-?
well click on it now


The pictures are awesome, but it took some hacking to look at them…
Some tips:

For thumbnails, don’t just size down the 160K file to a thumbnail size. Over a T1 line it took nearly a minute and a half for all 8 thumbnails to show up!!! You should be able to recompress the images at 100x100 for about a 1-3K file size (Which would average about 80 times faster viewing)

Also, when you click on a picture, it’s not taking me to the picture. You have it set up so it will only work from your computer.

The link you put on your page points to the local D:\ drive of the viewers computer, not your computer!

Instead of:

It should be:

Thanx for telln me i changed the stuff now the images are thumbnails of it. so hopefully it will load faster