Need tips on sculpting details


I am trying to sculpt the face of a coin that I will eventually 3D print. I have a rough shape that I kinda like but I dont know how to progress from here. Every time I try to layer on the wolfs fur or add detail to the tail the model becomes pretty sketchy even after I use the smooth brush. Is there a tutorial on how to add finer detail to my model? Are there brushes that will help making additions more smooth?
I will attach some images on what I am kinda trying to do
What I have so far
General end goal

Thanks for your help.

Ok I think I figured some things out. The Crease tool helped quite a bit with making it pop out of the face of the coin. Also making the brush radius just super small allowed me to be more precise with the detail This is what I accomplished with the left leg:
Left leg

Again any tips with anyone who has done coin work or just general ideas on what neat little known features I may be missing would be great!


Hello Grandpa_sam
It can be done diffrent ways
One of ways is to make low poly siluet
and after apply multires and sculpt


This totally blew my mind. This is exactly the kind of tricks that I was looking for. This multires modifier really seems like a have my cake and eat it too kind of situation. Are there any downsides to this modifier?

Thank for your help!

Advantages is more )