Need to avoid rendering an intersecting mesh

Hello again BA.

I know there’s some way around this, but I can’t remember all of the functionality of the program and what the best method to get the results would be…but here’s the issue: I have a shell, curved upwards, I want to inlay with gems. The problem is, if I take the gems (gems and shell are different objects) which are made with an glass BSDF, and put them “on” the shell, the bottom face of the gem (since it’s flat) goes past the top surface of the shell (which is curved).

This intersection wouldn’t be an issue for solid objects, but because the gem is glass, you can see through it slightly and tell something looks weird, and on TOP of that, having the curve of the shell intrude past the bottom, inward facing normal of the gem totally screws up the IOR.

My question is, how can I choose to make the part of the shell that’s inside the gem mesh NOT be rendered, or how can I modify the meshes in an easy way to achieve the same results? I messed around with the shrinkwrap project modifier and the boolean union, but neither of those give good results.

I exported a makehuman model which had some special occlude material for the clothes. you could try checking that material out.
(edit) if you end up having to change the topology of the mesh, use the retopo tolls.