Need to change pivot points mid animation.

So I’ve been hit with a sort of odd and puzzling challenge.

I’m trying to create an animation where I’ll have a thin extruded plane rotate 127 degrees upwards pivoting on the top edge, then as soon as it gets 127 degrees up, it needs to rotate 233 degrees upwards, but using the opposite edge as the pivot point.

The completed animation will look something like this:

I’m imagining I could do something with maybe constraints and curves to animate, but I’m a bit rusty in blender and don’t have a whole lot of free time to try and figure this out in. Some suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:



there is the pivot constraint but it’s quite unstable (especially if you scrub back and forth in the timeline). I’d suggest you create another bone for the second rotation. It will be located at the opposite edge and be a child of the first bone (the one used in the first rotation). However if you want to have this behaviour repeat indefinitely (or even as much as twice) you’ll have to come up with something more sophisticated.

See, everything that has a dependency loop is tricky. An object cannot both constrain and be constrained by another object, so in this kind of situation one usually ends up animating constraints so that the first one lets go exactly one frame before the second one takes over. This is similar to the classic “object grabbing” problem. If the solution above does not work for you, we’ll get into this.


This is very similar to the “rolling cube problem”, but with 2 sides instead of 4.

Something like this might give an idea of how to approach it: