Need to create a Propane flame

Hey Everyone.
Im Designing gas fireplaces, i export the stl and render in blende, i have been working on a little spinning animation. i want to add the flames inside the fireplace. ive got a pretty good looking flame. However, im struggling with the colour.
id like to make the base of the flame blue
attached is the node setup im using. ive also attached a render of the flame.
any help will be greatly appreciated.


You don’t have anything going IN to your colour ramp… just a factor of 0.357. Try putting flame into this, and you should get colour variation.

thanks! i added the link from the FAC of the flame to the color ramp and it shows in my simulation but not in the render.
Edit- i added a Multiply math node and now im getting variation. thanks for your help.

precisionmounts, when you finally get it all figured out, would you please add a final post to this thread showing your node setup (and perhaps an example render), and perhaps re-title the thread: "How to create a propane flame in <Eevee, Cycles>" …?

AtDhVaAnNkCsE(“thanks in advance”):slight_smile:

if possible add a sample file
easier to get nodes set up working first time
otherwise need to recheck 100’s variables in the nodes !

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Something like this you are looking for?

Node tree:

kind of. im trying to match the burner pattern of this particular fireplace. i need a fairly accurate recreation of the burn pattern as this animation will be used for marketing purposes. this image is closer but still not right. im trying to get more of an individual flame and more of a blue base of the flame as this is closer to the what a real gas stove looks like. FYI the holes in the burner you can see in this image are for airflow and not flames.close%20flames

Do you have a ref. image I can use to look at then? It’s easier then imagine how it would look or use wrong references ;). (Or…if the above is the actual flame, then I’ll copy that one).

the flames at the front of this image is what im trying to create.
something along those line. thanks for your help!

seen this somewhere !

check these I think there is some blue flame

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here are 2 examples I got
candle is made with a UV image !

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Wow thats a nice looking flame. will it animate?
The final product will look like this

first one is a UV image I mean difficult to animate that unless you use some
deform modifier or lattice or shape key to change shape

second one is a bit like your nodes set up
so should be possible

I can show node set up let me now

how did you animate yours ?

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Here is my setup without the fireplace. this is a standard fire simulation with no smoke.
i used a flat plane with weight painting to emit the flamed so that they match the layout of my burner pan.

Everything to do with the flames was based on a combination of the following tutorials

just flames.blend (2.3 MB)

there was blenderguru that made a nice camp fire
check it out might give some ideas !

check wiki for that
there are some parameters that can be change and it could affect the colors
been long time I did not play with these domain for fire and smoke

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this is 500 frames
how long to bake that ?

hard to change parameters whit such a baking time!

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“Propane flame” to me means a “torch.”

… not a fireplace.