Need to find owners of certain images

Hi all, I’m trying to track down who the owners are of certain copyright images that are being used by ‘3dmagix’.

We’ve already contacted them to remove images copyright the Blender Foundation (they have yet to remove them all),

but I’d like to make sure that the copyright of other artists aren’t being violated or misused as well.

Here are some links to images at their site, if you recognize an image from somewhere please let me know who the artist is so I can confirm whether or not they authorized the usage of their images.

“Healing” by Hyung Jun Kim (aka k.jun)


Link: (the yellow lamborghini)

Yasmeen Jahn

Thanks for the links, have emailed those three artists now.

that ruin was also found as result of a tutorial at

found at

found at

found at

TinEye is normally great for this type of thing.

thanks for the suggestion

Yeah, I was just about to suggest TinyEye as well. Here’s a result for one of them:

Those are ones already identified.