Need to Import an entire scene!

I’ve been stumbling around in an effort to learn Blender over the last couple weeks. I’ve been able to create a demo to show my company (in hopes they will approve time for me to further research with blender)…anyway. I’ve built a scene and have it textured and such, but I did not have the FPS element. I found the FPS template…one problem:

How do I import that template into my scene (or vice versa)
I see where I can bring in materials or meshes, etc. as separate pieces. Is there any way to merge or import scenes in blender. AKA bring an entire .blend file into another .blend file.

Any help would be great!, Thanks

you can append/link everything inside another blender file into the current one!
Do “File -> append/link” menu or "Shift-F1"keys, and browse to find the desired file, and the desired elements inside it!

File – Append or Link – selectFPStemplateblendfile – select “Scene” – select the appropriate Scene to import.


Thanks guys,
I’m trying the above methods (and apparently doing it wrong) I keep getting "nothing selected). I’m sure it’s me. I’ll keep at it

ok, lets see if I’m way off base. I have a blender file (.blend). I want to bring the FPS template into that .blend file. All of it. I want to have the gun and run around and shoot in my environment.

I open my file…go to append…file the FPStemplatefile(browse to where I saved it)…select “Scene”

then I get “action” not sure what that means.
but when I hit “Load Library”…I get “ERROR…nothing selected”

Remember that the initial “Scene” will just bring you a list of scenes. If “action” is the name of the scene in the FPS Template, you’ll have to select that scene to import it. Make sure you CLICK on action before you hit load library.