need to make a 1/1/1 .obj file


i need to make an obj file in which vertices (v), texture vertices (vt) and vertex normals (vn) information has equal values. in other words, i need to make an obj file that when opened in notepad, looks like this at the bottom:

f 674/674/674 719/719/719 185/185/185
f 662/662/662 669/669/669 189/189/189

while most files look something like this:

f 482/407/683 480/404/679 476/406/681 
f 476/406/681 472/405/684 481/404/682

with a little tinkering ive managed to come up with a way to make v and vn equal:

f 5/10/5 11/17/11 12/18/12
f 5/10/5 12/18/12 6/11/6

but it still leaves out the texture coordinates, and i cant for the love of god, find a way to make them equal to the rest. obviously i could make the numbers equal myself by editing in notepad but then it just totally screws up the uv mapping. i didnt think it was possible but after importing the objects from a game i’m making mods for and opening them in notepad, i noticed that they had all 3 values equal, while having ok texture coordinates.

so i come to you. is there a way for this? can blender do it? or can any other application for that matter? ANY help would be appreciated, even if it’d be just you pointing to another forum i could ask in.