Need to make a real person character in Blender for VR purpose


We want to make a 3D character who resembles a real person. The character body and faces should be rigged with basic rigging to animate normal standing animations. The person is Indian with wearing Indian type pants and shirt. This rigged character will be used in a VR environment.

Input will be photographs of the person and basic body measurements.

Bid the cost and timeline in comments so that we can proceed.

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Hope you’re doing good.

I can help with your requirement.
You can contact me through email: [email protected] or skype me live:lauren_8606, so that we can discuss in detail.

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Lauren W.

Well, MakeHuman is a free program that’d allow you to easily make a fully rigged person. I think there’s a free makeskin add-on too for making realistic skin textures. You could probably make your 3D character in a day or two and the program is very simple, so it’s relatively easy to learn compared to other 3D programs. You just drag sliders to create the right measurements and facial structure, then export it when you’re done. If you’re looking for ultra-cinematic quality though, then you’re probably better off hiring someone.


i can made a stuning photorealistic character full rigged for unreal super fast and bas
ed in any photo reference for 100 usd. you can write to me to [email protected]

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