Need to make a tube go along edges

Hi there,

I was trying to make a cushion, and you know how leather cushions have this little tube thing on the edges where panels meet? Just having trouble making a cylinder along the selected edges - I don’t know how to do it!!! :frowning:

Please help, thanks!


Make a copy of your edges you want to make the tube run along.
Selecting this group of edges, select ‘Mesh’ in the header, and run scripts > edges to, and then you should have a curve object from your edges. Then you can add a CurveCircle and have it as you BevOb under your new curve. Adjust the scale of your CurveCircle to scale the piping, and then you can use Alt-C in Object mode to change the curve to mesh if you want.

edit: make sure when you see the mesh panel swap to a curve panel, rename your object to a curve so you can see it easier, and make sure you add a numerical value to the render resolution, and click the front and back tabs to turn on the drawing fro setting your bevel object.

I tried your example, it sounded like a good exercise.
Can you tell me why I ended up with a twisted cigarette though?

Oooo, not sure there. Looks like your curve could be referencing a taper object as well, which is used to ‘taper’ the bevel curve inward and outward…

Also, maybe somehow the original curve is twisted? When working with beziers controls points, there is an option to twist the control point in 3d mode, looks kinda like that sometimes.

edit: also, how much render resolution did you use? I usually go as far as 16-20 to get smooth curves…

Hah, Jennifer you beat me to it, I had the same problem :slight_smile: Thanks for the info Craig!

Yes, after you get the beveled curve, select it and tab into edit mode. Select the control point where the shape is distorted and press ‘T’ to twist the curve - you’ll have to watch which direction relaxes the profile and makes it smooth.

Actually, I am working on this with 2.46 since my folders have gotten messed up with all the installs on this machine - I am having some problems with my 2.47 install.

Render Resolution was 19.
At one point I was able to twist, but it didn’t do anything noticeable.
Now when I hit ‘T’ nothing happens.
I tried to rotate the vertex with no results.

This may help.
It is a script to realign the path axis. I believe it still works with 2.47, but if not try googling ‘realignpathaxis’ script; maybe there is an update somewhere.

I feel like the irish farmer giving directions…
“now I wouldnt start from here…”
I started with the beading/edging and then extruded the top and sides. mirrored it over and made the whole cusion

If you want a ‘step-by-step’ let me know :slight_smile:

the beading did start out as round but I scaled it wrong and flattened it out…

@denshidan: That looks really nice. Could you give us a few steps on how you did this. Thanks!

Okay, was checking out the RealignPath, but was hesitant with that since it wasn’t a path and I would have to find out how to convert it, but I kept the script, I appreciate the note on that.
Retried the twist function and got it to work this time. I had the edge or curve on layer one and tube on layer 2.
I think I was trying to twist the edge/curve and that was incorrect.
I went to layer 2 and in edit mode highlighted the node inside of the tube and hit ‘T’ and twisted that to the current photo.
I didn’t attach it to the mesh, just wanted to get the tube straight and it worked.
Thanks guys.


Here’s a better render.

Looks good - you can select the control points on the bend and hit ‘w’ and ‘subdivide’ and then you can convert from polyline like it probably is to bezier, and then you can refine the curve with the handles of the control points.

Thanks Craig.
Like your website.
Pretty awesome for a dishwasher, lol.


  1. create plane top view

  2. delete face only (x - face only)

  3. edit mode, select all extrude inward - ie (E)xtrude, [return], (S)cale (makes like a 2d picture frame)

  4. go to side view, select all extrude down (should end up with a 3d frame)

5 add sub surf modifier

6 add some loop cuts to make it less like a donut and more rounded corners (add to taste :slight_smile: )

7 apply level 1 subsurf

8 select edge loop on the inside of the beading (up to you where)

9 extrude inwards and upwards a bit, it then extrude again inwards a couple of times (its good to have some loops here so you can fiddle with the topology of the cusion top - you can move it to scale 0 and remove doubles if you like.)

10 pick another edge loop on the beading for the sides and extrude downwards similar to top

11 use mirror modifier along Z (if it doesnt go use ctrl and a to apply rotation) to make bottom of cusion and apply it

12 remove doubles

12 sub surf again and set smooth

Thats the general principle, sorry didnt have time to do piccies. If any of this doesnt make sense pm me :slight_smile:

hope makes sense