Need to make text curved for a CDROM label. Any suggestions?

I converted text to a curve, but maybe I am in the wrong direction. I hope maybe there is a way to make “Circle text”.

After you generate your text, add a curve cicrle and then put the name of the curve circle in the “text on Curve” field in the mesh edit panel.

I think that’s what you’relooking for!

Cool. It deforms the text. But it didn’t do what I needed, but I like the effect anyhow.

Thanks! :wink:
[edit]ack… both conversions in line 2 should be alt-c [/edit]

This might have started a hideous hideous trend… may god have mercy on us all!

As long as it does not spiral out of control…

“As long as it does not spiral out of control” …


Noooooo… not the corny jokes!

[sarcasm]Let’s go start a “spiral text” thread in off-topic![/sarcasm]