need to reset the world grid and camera...

Hi all,

Terribly sorry for this very basic of questions, but I’m just now trying to get into Blender and it’s proving a little daunting, as it’s not what I’m used to.

I am importing the DAZ Genesis figure with the intention of building morphs and clothing for it, and I would like to know how I can reset the world grid so that it matches the size of the figure, which comes in very large… I’ve gone through a couple of hours of tutorials on this and have yet to see anything that will get me there… I know how to save the default document, but setting it up so I can work in 3D space at this scale is a little difficult…

there should be a scale fator in the import script!

or select everything and scale it down !

you should be able to re calculate the scaling factor
or try t add like a cube with given dim in DIAZ and import it in blender and see what dimensions you have
try to set the proper unit in world panel for metric or imperial before!