Need to resize a .dae for export to .babylon

Hey, I am new to Blender. I am learning to use it for a game I am building in Babylon.js. I have a game demo currently on I want to change the central character to the attached file. I can’t figure out to know how to rescale this file in Blender so that it exports properly. At the moment it looks like Gulliver, which is funny, but its too big (see attached photo)

Note: I just found out I can’t upload files yet. As soon as I can I will post photos of the problem and the file I’m importing to blender…

In the meantime you can use a third-party resource to upload files there and provide links here. PasteAll allows to host .blend files and images.

The only files I have are a screenshot .png and a .dae which can be imported to blender. How long does one need to wait before getting upload privileges?

See photo just uploaded for an idea of the issue. I have been importing a .dae file into Blender and exporting it for babylon.js. What settings do I need in blender to make the final character smaller.

If it’s not animated, you can scale it in object mode, apply scale, and export.

If it is animated, then applying scale may ruin the animation. Instead, the new scale would need to be baked into the animation one way or another.

I changed the scale and applied it, but now the character doesn’t show up in the game. It’s not animated. Suggestions?

Character implies armature, did you include that as well with your export?

I assume it’s exporting the armature. Are there options?

So I’ve managed to change the size but it’s now just importing the scene beneath the ground and still laying down. Here is a screenshot. The small black dot is the character I’m importing. I need to be able to move the character as first-person in the game.

Try shift selecting both and peek at the settings on the exporter panel. Sometimes it is kinda trial and error with exporters…also if you are using 2.8 you may want to give 2.79 a test just to see if something went funky with the exporter.


I use Babylon.js very often, in fact you don’t “need” to use Blender each time you want to scale some object, you know that ?

In your index.js file, in the importer function you do :

var player=meshes[0];
// other stuffs

Which is fine for setting hitbox, but for scaling your player you could simply add :

var scale = 0.5;
player.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(scale, scale, scale);

That way no need to go trought (maybe destructive) import + scaling + export in Blender :wink:

See you :slight_smile: ++