Need to simulate splash fluid effect

I need to make a splash effect. Like something solid you drop in a liquid and splashes and then ripples…like throwing stones in pond.

Something is wrong with my fluid sim. settings but I can’t find out what. Maybe the whole thing is… I made a a domain with resolution 100, a lowpoly obstacle as the matrix of the splash, a solid cube obstacle for splashing and the inner part of the matrix is made separate object and assigned to fluid. But the simulation works like the fluid is overflowing from the matrix and nothing else. can help me please?

The matrix’s volume initialization is set to shell.

Errr… Stupid question: Did you animate your cube? If you don’t make it fall into the water, you won’t make much of a splash…

I made this in 5 minutes. A cube of 2x2x1 for the fluid, [SPACEBAR] --> Quick Fluid. I resized the domain to be a tall bar to have some space above for the splash and I scaled the fluid at 0.99. All scales applied. I set the resolution to 100, the world size to 2 units and I animated a cube of 0.3^3 set to obstacle to fall quickly from high above down to the bottom of the fluid. Everything set to free slip. That’s all.

Now there is a little problem. I’m a beginner as you may have guessed. So i didnt learn much about blender animation. Still, what i did at the first place was insert a location keyframe at frame 0 for the fluidobject and another keyframe at 25th frame , so the cube falls into the fluid.
what resulted in - the fluid simulation started from the 0th frame and the cube was still falling…so when it fell actually nothing happened :stuck_out_tongue: because the simulation was done by then.

Here’s a quick demo
Blend file used attached


fluid.blend (193 KB)

No, no, no! You must animate the falling cube, not the fluid. :smiley: My example cube fell something like 4 units in 20 frames. 1 Keyframe on frame 1 with the cube up above the fluid, another keyframe at frame 20 with the cube moved at the bottom of the domain. That’s all.

Note that the falling cube doesn’t need to start inside of the domain. But the domain still need to be tall or the fluid will hit the “ceiling”.

Little detail to remember for the future: Once you have animated something, go into the Graph Editor, select each component (top left), [X] to delete the useless ones, like X and Y if you just drop the cube along the Z axis. And, more important, [V] to change the style of the curve to Vector, so that Blender doesn’t make the object accelerate and slow down in between 2 keyframes.

Reminder: [ALT I] to remove a keyframe… Or else, you can delete all the components in the Graph Editor.