Need troubleshooting.

Hi, I am new to the community and new to blender too. I have been trying to learn basics by following tutorials. I have not gotten very far because transform tools seem to be out of my control. Well, rotate does rotate, but is translate meant to move the selected object right away when you move the cursor off from translate button? It is hard to control, but not as bad as others. Push/ Pull most often does nothing, and when it does something it seems to think it is scale tool instead. I attached a picture where I am trying to push and got “interesting” effect with it. Scale will either just “shrink” or “blow up across the screen” depending on what mood it happens to be in. I sometimes also when working with vertexes get a sticky vertex that follows the cursor refusing to be deselected.

First I thought it might be that I am just missing something about controlling the objects but today when I saved my progress and later tried to open it, blender did not find it as a recent and then actually did not find the file at all. Recover last session gave me just a tilted background that I had not tilted, so I quess I am having technical difficulties. I downloaded Blender again and now I can open the files again, but the tools are still as hard to manage as ever.

I’d love to get started to really learn so I’ll be very gratefull for any help!


In this screenshot you have proportional editing enabled. From your post I assume you have no idea what proportional editing is and you have enabled it by mistake. This will give you some results you were not expecting

Proportional editing

I was following a tutorial where there was a rounded plane ( a leaf) made with proportional falloff. These kind of shapes also have occurred before but I was using proportional editing the first time.

If you are using the transform widget, try turning it off and use keyboard shortcuts. Then no confusion of grab (B), scale (S) and rotate ®

Start with the default cube, go into edit mode and try things. It is not difficult in the slightest