need tutorials.

does anyone know a good tutorial for making a simple third perso shooter?

.Blend Example Link’s

Well Here Are Some Link’s :

And , :

And , :

And , :

And , :

And That’s All The Link’s I can Think Off At The Moment With .Blend Files
But I Think The First Link Will Help It Has Alot More .Blend Files.
:wink: Well I Hope I Have Helped Out Cya

I dont know where tutorails are I learn from .blend file’s :smiley: But if your looking or trying to learn I recomend you buy the blender gamekit it comes with nice example’s ect… :wink: It’s cheap by the way :smiley: Well Cya Soon

whats needed anywhere is like a tutorial on how to make like a full game… like at crystal space for them to make one lvl of a third person shooter… so the people learn thru example…like the order of code…yadayadayada

they should do this at blender to…

i could help to model… but i dont know anything of the blender game engine

its already been done before, per OTO and someone elseon Elysiun…

ive seen oto’s and he needs to update it in my opinion…its great

but he should add how to shoot and such

more using of the game engine…he focuses on the modelling aspect which is needed but he only used 1 thing for the game engine…he just had his character walk when you press up or sumthing like that