Need two modellers for modelling watches


I have a major job on to model over 2,300 watches. Yes, 2,300.

So, I need help with a few of them. I only need geometry. No materials, rendering or even baked potatoes. Just geometry.

If you are interested, send me a PM.

You can check out my portfolio on to see if I’m genuine.

I can only pay with PayPal if you are outside the UK. Inside the UK I can pay direct.

Please, please do not message me unless you have the modelling skills to produce something like this:

Sent PM. I would be interested.

The response to this posting has been incredible. Please give me a few days to digest this!



Do let us know the results !

Wow…2,300 watches at that level of quality. That must be one monster of a project, the cost must rival that of a entry level cinema feature…

1150 watches per person. Six months? A year? No! Array modifier. Done. :smiley:

JK! Good luck, Mr. E.

How do I mark this solved?

As I wrote, the response has been incredible. I now have the modeller I require.

Some of you have shown excellent portfolios and some of them need some more work, and I wish I had the time to go through each one and comment on them and provide some pointers.

For the moment, I have everyone I need. Should I require any more assistance, I will open a new thread.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

Edit the OP, click on “Go Advanced” and change the prefix to [Solved]. I’ve taken the liberty of doing so for you this go-round.

Over supply. Thats really the problem with Blender. Too many artists chasing too little work. One has to ask ones self what’s the point of it all? Anyway, I hope you got the people you needed. JL