Need urgent help with blender UV maping.

I have a texture ready to go and be uploaded onto my blender model, the texture is made from UV mapping and gimp. The only thing is I have no idea how to upload it and i haven’t been able to find anything to help with it, If anyone could give me some help i would be VARY grateful

Do you mean you need to upload it to the internet, or do you mean you need to bring it into Blender?
If the latter, then open your file and split the screen to a uvimage editor, and switch your model view to uv face select mode. The model should show the same uv map you exported, then you can open the image there in the editor and see how it lines up to the model. Load it as a texture image in the material’s texture channel, and set it to map to ‘uv’ instead of ‘orco’.
It should show in the render then.
Also, you can set the draw type of the 3d view as ‘texture’ so that you can see a simple version of the texture in the 3d view.

Got that far but the only thing i see on the model itself and in the renders is pink (not my texture) under the “UV” selection it says “unable to get image”. The black box that boots with blender says “unknown file format” i am trying to load a .PS (photoshop) from gimp.

Convert to Targa instead, see if that fixes it.

Here is the list of supported graphics image formats.

:slight_smile: Thank you guys a LOT this is the best help i have gotten from anyone.