Need urgent help

Guys, i don’t know if this is an appropriate place for this, but i need to figure out one small thing as soon as possible.
I’m completely new to blender’s rigging side and i really don’t have hours, to search for an answer on google (the answer may be simple though). So i would appreciate any help.

I have a character which is rigged. it’s a man and he’s bald (bought from turbosquid). And i need to parent a hair model (polygon mesh) to it’s heads bone or armature. So i cant figure out the constraint\parent thing, though i tried both (maybe not correctly).

Usually i like to figure out answer for myself, by searching tutors and articles, but this time the deadline is very tough and i literally don’t have a single free minute, so i would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


I need to parent hair geometry to selected circle (if possible).

Your attachment is invalid, so there no way to look at it. In general the eaisest thing to do is to parent the scalp mesh to the head bone. You would.

  1. Select the rig and go into pose mode. Right click the head bone (often a circle) so that that bone and that bone only is selected and blue/green.
  2. Go into object mode, and select your scalp, so it is outlined in orange
  3. Hold shift and select the rig
  4. Hit ctrl-p and choose ‘Bone’ from the menu

The scalp should follow the head bone now.

Thanx for the quick answer, photox. I did as you said and it kinda worked but the scalp (the box, just for test) has some other motion, its not folowing correctly. Any sugestions?

Got it working. Thanx for help!!! I set the parent through this window. Thanks again!

i just had to find correct parent bone with name “head”. There were few of them