Need UV's Unwrapped for Small Ship

Hello blender artists community. In my free time I’m working on KotOR III (Knights of the Old Republic III): Legacy of Revan. I decided to reboot the graphics and use a modern game engine (Unity) for the project. For those of you who are fans of the game, of course you remember the Ebon Hawk :slight_smile: I’m working on updating it’s graphics quality and ability to port into the new game engine currently but all I have the talent to do is modify the shape, which leads to the main point.

Someone is needed to unwrap the UV’s to fit/line up with the texture sheet.

(Ebon Hawk from KotOR II)

That’s the only thing. Textures are done, the model is done, all thats left is for the UV map between the ship and textures.

Send me a PM and I will email you the model(.obj or .blend: Whichever you prefer) along with the texture page(2048 × 2048: Four times the resolution as the original and upgraded with more realistic materials!).

Hi I’m Kbo39 and I think I could do this for you. I can give it a shot if you would like

I’ve sent you a PM