Need Velocity


al staff and this is my first post here on BlenderArtists,
then I’ll show some of my racing game.

Game Title: Need Velocity

erick (modeling, programming, texturing, animation)
raul (programming)
wesley (modeling, programming)
Jordanian smolark (modeling)
matheus saints (webdesign)

  • type of game: racing of automobiles.
    Plot: John hit the wife of a guy los angeles jonh was an indemnity of $ 50,000 to the subject, and could not afford fled to new york over the police found him and made you pay the fine running out of money, house, only with a can old, to recover the money you bet and lost a race car, you can borrow a car you must take to regain diheiro compartment and the car and a house you not only q and very experienced in racing
    some images of the game: