need very basic logic-block example to toggle visibility on / off

I know other examples exist - but I am still struggling with my first attempt at structuring logic blocks to allow the spacebar to toggle visibility on / off for a cube in the game engine. Please be fairly specific in your advice as I am VERY new to this - thanks for your patience. We were all noobs at some point. :o

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Though concerning your Problem: Set Logic Bricks:

That is, at least, the most simple Setup for about what you need.

Thank you for a quick reply.
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I hooked a “keyboard” (key = i) sensor to “and” controller to “visibility” actuator.

Sorry to be so clueless but pressed “i” and nothing happened.

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Here you have some Logic. Don’t forget to set the Boolean Property that I called [vis].

Thank you very much C.A.ligári - worked the first time!
I would enjoy a short description of the logic at some point.

Thank you so very much!

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The Logic is simple: The Object has the Property »vis«, at start up True. When you press Space, as defined by the Keyboard Sensor, one of two Controllers, leading to either Visible-check or Visible-uncheck, gets linked. But there also are two Property Sensors. One looks for [vis] being True, one looks for [vis] being False. While the Keyboard Sensor is linked to both AND-Controllers, each Controller is linked to one of the two Property Sensors. This will result in the Controller understanding:

IF Spacebar AND Property [vis]=True


IF Spacebar AND Property [vis]=True

But the Controllers do not only lead to Visibility Actuators but also to Property Actuators.
So in Case the Cube is made invisible, it’s Property [vis] is set to False at the same Time, and the other Way 'round.

I also tried using the Actuator Sensor instead of setting up and changing that Property, but it did not work for me. Maybe it would not work at all, maybe I just did it wrong, but what you have works. ;}

… though, I gotta say: Looking at these Bricks is way easier than describing them! x}