Need very specific audio visualizer

HI, I’m in need of an audio visualizer that in general looks and moves like WMP’s old scope visualizer except at 4K 60 fps. If you think you can pull this off in blender message me and let me know and I’ll fill you in on the more specific visual details and parameters. Lowest I’ll start at id $50 for payment but I’m willing to negotiate.

Hello, does this thing need to be done specifcly in blender? or can be made in another software? This is easily done in after effects using the waveform effect

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Well, I would need to be able to use it in the future for different audio projects and I already have Blender, but If you can some how make it work as a stand-alone that would be great since I don’t plan on paying for after effects just for this, or maybe you would be willing to actually export the finished animations whenever they’re needed?

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