Need VFX for short movie.

Hi, My friends and I are working on a short vfx movie and need a High detailed building collapsing onto another.

There must be:

-Windows shattering as it collapses.

-Office furniture and people sliding out building floors. (sort of like the 2012 movie)

-Debri, dust, and plumes of smoke.

  • ready to composite into shot.(will send footage for tracking.)

I have a previz of how the building should collide to the other. I’ll provide sketches and more info.
I understand the cost and how complex this will be.
Please PM me, or post portfolio and I will try contacting you. Thank you.

Sent you a PM

Very interested in the job. PM sent.
Here is some work I have done.

I have been doing some building RBD tests myself.
Please check out my youtube channel