Need voice actors for an established project

I (like many others) am making a movie
unlike many others, I have completed over 30 minutes of film so far (see here - Giants of the Earth) - what I need is voice actors, specifically a female voice actor.

Basically I need someone who could skype with me for a half hour every couple of weeks as we go through the script

Male voice actors would be nice too - for some of the bad guys - if you think you can make your voice deep and menacing -

If you would like to work at modelling, animating, EDITING, (and sound effects - if you have any interest in that, that would be AWESOME) on an established project with a lot of direction, I can use that too –


Hi Daren, I’d be glad to help with the male voices, it’s something I’ve never done before but it could be a fun experience. Just drop me a PM with more details - I’d say “just reply here” but threads get buried so quickly I’m not sure I’d catch it.

video blocked in my country :confused:

What is up with there even being an option to block it in specific countries? That is discrimination.

Most like the music he is using youtube do not have the rights to broadcast to your country. Maybe since it’s Kenny Loggins this is a good thing


Shouldn’t voice acting be done before the animation?

Thanks for the replies - @ Fax - I’ll get to you soon!
@ FreeMind - If you are on Facebook, this link might work:


If not - then the videos are on Blender Guru’s facebook page and Blender Cookies Facebook page

@ Richard --hey now, you know you liked it…

@ Pesho - the voice acting is for scenes going forward, you interested?

I was wondering how old you wanted your female voice actress to be?

those are some huge teets