Need webspace/bandwidth w/out ads? I have more than I need.

Hi people, I’m not spamming at all. It just happens that I have a website with a lot of space and bandwidth left so I’m willing to give out 5 ftp accounts with 50 mb of space and 5 gig of bandwidth (it can be 10 gig only if you really needs it) for only $5 a month. No setup fee or anything.

Your url will be like

I also have domain pointer so I can point to your domain name if you want to.

Please let me know what you think of it. I accept paypal orders (money orders included thru paypal). Please let me know what you think of it so I can set up paypal order form or not.

I honestly think it’s a good deal. No ADs, and you get your own email account (100 mb)… no hidden rules or anything.

If you need more, we can work it out.

Please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you’re interested or want more information. You also can ask questions in here. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Oh yes it has php support and database support. I can simply set database(s) up for you. No problem. :slight_smile:

My reason to post here is because I know people want to be able to show their pictures off without hotlinking. I won’t put any restrictions on it or even ADs on it. I thought maybe that you might want to use it for a cheap price so you can have a website without suffering anything like geocites, etc.

Ok let me know what you think of it please.

Why does the e-mail account get more space than the website…


Because e-mail doesn’t suck bandwidth as consistently and thus reduces the potential for full bandwidth usage. Plus they can transfer it on slower lines, possibly, but that’s just a guess.

It’s an OK deal I guess… there are matches to it though, for long term usage. Look at this…
Price $4.00
Space 450MB
Bandwidth 10GB
Price $7.95
Space 800 MB
Bandwidth 40GB


no offense but let me do the math (just for fun).

$5 a month for 5 Gb and 50 Mb space.

where i am currently paying $7.50 for 100 Mb and 4 Gb bandwidth.

sounds like a pretty much at cost deal to me.


I think it’s pretty good for everything… but it’s my opinion.

Good space and bandwidth. They’re well balanced where they charge you for a lot of bandwidth where with small memory space is imposible to reach. I think that’s pretty unfair.

You know what I’m saying?

Are anybody interested?

Actually, to repeat myself, this one:
Price $4.00
Space 450MB
Bandwidth 10GB

Unlimited e-mail accounts
PHP support
other stuff, just read the site.

… is a better deal. Though your price is fair, it isn’t a bargain.

Well, be careful with companies that offer cheap prices because I got ripped from three different companies. They just shut down without any warning. :frowning:

I have learned my experience and got a well known company for a bit higher price, but I think it’s worth it rather than trying to find the cheapest one from a private company or something similar.

You know what I’m saying? Well if you wnt to go and buy that… go ahead. I won’t mind, but I have warned you.