Need Wooden Cross

I’m trying to do an Easter scene and desperately need a wooden cross model. Does anyone have one they are willing to share??

Thanks for any help!

Just a simple wooden cross? Or are you looking for something a bit more decorative?

Hi Shane - Thanks for responding. Nothing fancy; however, it would be nice if the texture reflected wood grain. I’m trying to develop a crucifixion scene for Easter. I’ve uploaded a jpg of a cross that anything similar would be great!

Thanks again!


Thanks a bunch, Richard. That cross will do nicely!

Beat me to it.

Richard or Shane - As a “near noob” with Blender, I’ve managed to apply the texture to the cross. When rendered, it has a white background and looks great within Blender. I rendered it to “X” format.

However, when I attempt to open it in the program I’m using, it says it cannot find the Cross_Wood_Diffuse.jpg file??? It opens as the original cross, without any texture.

I know I’m applying textures/rendering/exporting, etc. wrong. Is there an obvious fix, or do I need to continue reviewing the tutorials for new users?

Thanks again for the help and getting me this far!

Sorry but I can’t really say unless your a bit more specific. For instance what program are you using? It sounds like you’ve gotten to render and save just fine, therefore the texture should be fine as well. It probably has something to do with this other program you are using.

The model Richard provided includes the material. When I open it, the view window is split into three panes, one of which is in UVImage Editor mode and contains the material. There appears to be two…“Diffuse_Cross” and “Bump_Cross”.

Rendering produces a great 3D model, with texture applied; however, when I open it in the Titler program I’m using, it says “Could not open…Cross_Wood_Diffuse.jpg”. When I click OK, the 3D cross appears in the program, but without the texture or material applied.

I’m assuming I must export the material or texture, but I don’t know how???

The textures are packed in the blend file, that’s maybe why it can’t find the textures.
From the File menu, select External Data / Unpack into files. See if this helps.

Thanks, Richard. I’m not sure how I did it :>) but I’ve managed to get the model to open in the other program. Perhaps if I stay at it, I will learn to do it all in Blender!!

Thanks for all the help.