Need Work / project / Job

I am a Blender Artist need work.

Do you know any of your friends / small game studio who needs a 3D modeler?:no: I am available -fulltime.

Here is my online portfolio -

waiting for your reply,
Karan Shah

Hello KS,
i like your Animation Short " The Divine Choice ".
The Story has much potential for a blendermovie cause the story is clear and important.

But i have no job for you :eyebrowlift2:

I like your work.

Can you tell me how to sell the short.

I am also developing a 3D series completely made in blender. I have paperwork done for 11 episodes. completed 50 second animation of first episode.

looking for sponsors / producer.

have you tried
i love your works by the way!

edit: i watched the videos, i love the storylines! i prefer the idea behind the man and the tree (forgot the title) :smiley:

Divine Choice yata garuhh. Pinanood ko rin.

salamat dopski!

I like your work. Good luck on finding a job.

Thanks a lot.

Nice work. I have seen the 1st animatoin. Its nice and wide.

you could maybe try making some models and selling on Turbosquid? Or maybe try like Mr. Bomb and make a tutorial dvd. Or if you make that 3D series you could try selling time at the end of the video if people want to have you mention a link or something. You definitely have the skills and can probably get some money coming in until you find something more steady.

good work.

I was referring to the original poster. Sorry for the confusion. Maybe you should start your own work line thread if you haven’t already? If your trying to sell apples and everyone wants oranges then maybe start selling oranges. KS seems to have skill in making low poly models and there are a lot of people on this forum (and others) that are trying to make games. With such small teams they may want to save time by buying some models instead.

Hey Dude,

No doubt you have tried many options and your port-folio is impressive. Have you tried cold-calling anyone and everyone in the industry ? I got my very job after cold-calling on the phone about sixty toll free numbers . . . although it was an entry admin position in a tight market.

I love 3d and would like to get into it, but the market is tough and the entry level pay is mimimum wage, and the tasks are a bit low tedious. Have you considered an alternative career where you can save your brain for the good after work ? A close friend of mine has been in the call centre industry for some years . . . the job isn’t the best ie not secure, but the pay is a lot better, and in his spare time he concentrates on his gaming hobbies.

Hope this helps!

Thanks all.
I am about to finish first episode of my series. with blender ofcourse.
Please advise me how to plan out an income from it.

Post your resume… in as many places as possible…
I’ve gotten my jobs through Monster for the record…

oh also has a job page…

KS, I see the strong ideological point in your works, and I’d like to ask if you have any interest about an Open Language project? At first that would not pay anything, but if the idea succeeds, there could be an possibility to sell study books and maybe some other learning material. Open Language project would be some kind of effort towards an logical, simple, beauty and easy to learn spoken language, i guess, mostly based on esperanto. I have long had an idea about an concept teaching the language based only on pictures and animations. I have never seen that done without help of an auxiliary language, but having Blender and an talented artists,… why would that not succeed? The positive would be that you dont need to translate your books for many languages, just let the pictures tell the story. I have myself planned some ideas about introductury film, but I newer get anything done, and my artistical inspiration is not that very great, so the project just stays and waits…

@4tonmantis - Thanks, I daily applying for the 3D modeler positions in various sites.
@SnifiX - You

@4tonmantis - Thanks, I daily applying for the 3D modeler positions in various sites.
@SnifiX - You project seems intersting but as I dont have a job so my main concern is ‘immidiete’ money.

I am about to finish first episode of my series. with blender ofcourse.
Please advise me how to plan out an income from it. how to get producer / buyer / sponsor ?