Need Yaf(a)ray help

I just tried installing Yaf(a)ray and it’s libraries. However when I click the Yafaray render button it just says: “Python script error: check console”. So I check the console and it says: “[path names] ImportError: no module named platform”.

I am running Windows Vista, if that has anything to do with it. I have discovered that much of Blender actually isn’t under my Program Files directory, but under AppData. So I tried installing Yafaray and it’s libraries to that location instead, but the same error occurs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d love to get some insight on this as well. i get the same error. both blender and yafaray are installed in the default directorys and both have write permissions but i can’t get yafaray to work at all.

edit, what on earth could you know. 2 minutes after i posted the last message i fixed it! and i’ve been trying on and off for 3 weeks now. :smiley: .
Asano, what fixed it for me was, i copied all the files from Program Files/Yafaray/ to Program Files/Blender foundation/Blender. then confirm for “plugins” folder merge. and leap into blender, on the top menu click the “render” MENU, and on the dropdown click Yafaray export 0.0.3.


Well, that didn’t work for me. Glad you got it runnng though.

Asano, have you followed this procedure?

Windows Installation notes
The installers have been tested and should work allright. If you experience any problems, please tell us right away!

Before you install the two packages provided, Blender should be installed. For everything to work correctly, Python 2.5 and MSVC++ redistributable libs must be installed too. Both are a prerequisite of Blender, so you should be set already. If not, try these links:

Two packages are used in the Yaf(a)Ray installation process, which are:

  • Yaf(a)Ray binaries. Default installation proposed for Yaf(a)Ray binaries will be C:\Program Files\YafaRay (or the equivalent folder in your respective OS language)

In the same installation process, some Yaf(a)Ray python scripts should be installed in the Blender scripts folder, wherever it is. The installer will look for it and tell you where it is found. Lately Blender scripts folder (in a Win default installation) is in c:/documents and settings/{user}/Application data/Blender Foundation/blender (or the equivalent folder in your respective OS language)

Alternatively you can point the installer to the Blender executable folder, usually in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender (or the equivalent folder in your respective OS language). The installer will create a scripts folder there with Yaf(a)Ray scripts. This will work too.

Notice that the c:/documents and settings/{user}/Application data/Blender Foundation/blender folder is hidden in the Windows files explorer unless you tell Windows to show ‘hidden folders’, the installer can find it anyway (if it exists).

  • A separate installer for the Render Window QT libraries. They must be installed in the Blender executable folder, usually in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender (or the equivalent folder in your respective OS language)

Yes I did.

I suggest unistalling everything, Blender included.

Then install Blender again, but this time tell the installer to keep Blender data in the Blender directory (there is an option in the Blender installation process to do so)

Second, install Yaf(a)ray again. This time installer will find scripts in the blender directory and it will install there the yaf(a)ray scripts.

Remember that Win redistributable libs for Blender are 2008 SP1 and for Yaf(A)ray are 2005 SP1, it is ok to have both version in your computer.

“ImportError: no module named platform” means you don’t have a full Python 2.5 installation that blender can use…so you did not follow the procedure posted above, otherwise you WOULD have the “platform” Python module.

alvaro - I re-installed blender and kept all the files i the Blender directory. Then re-installed Yafaray in that directory, but I am getting the same error.

Lynx3d - I have python 2.6 installed.

I opened up my python libraries folder and copied the “” file to the blender scripts folder. There was still an error when i tried to render, but this time it was on line 20 instead of line 19. Now it couldn’t find a different module. Do I have to have all of Pythons libraries in the blender scripts folder? o.O

yo i had teh exact sane error and it was driving me nuts.

from what i can tell, you are using the drop down menu in the render panel and se tit to yafaray

that is wrong…

you must go to render, and there u will find a yafaray script, run it. redefine ur materials, then hit the render button int he new gui from the script that will run yafaray

yafaray is not the same as yafray, i made this mistake, and got the same errors u do, so i think u did the same


Whether I use the drop down render menu on top or select Yafray in the render panel, I get the same results. Both options say Yafray not Yaf(a)ray. I have yet to see anything in blender with the word “Yaf(a)ray”.

I had the same problem, however I un-installed everything and re-install. I’ve unistalled python 2.6 and re-installed 2.5 - which i guess was what vista/yaf(a)ray didn’t like. now yaf(a)ray works from blender.

Thank you!

That was it, Python 2.6 doesn’t work for some reason. I installed 2.52 and my problems went away.

I have a problem with yaf(a)ray and blender. I try rendering an image and it says in the other blender window
“starting scene conversion
scene conversion done
No user directory set by user defualts!
Will try temp instead: C:\DOCUME~1\elias\locals~1 emp
Couldnt find registry key for yafray, is it installed”

Yaf(a)ray is installed and i followed all instructions like the download path but i keep getting this even if i uninstall and reinstall EVERYTHING please help yaf(a)ray looks too awesome to keep away from

I am a bit of a begginer. Only 2 years under my belt. please explain from the beggining

Mozzy, you have to follow this workflow:

Yaf(a)Ray General workflow

  • Yaf(a)Ray no longer needs a special Blender build to work. Any Blender official release from will work for example.
  • Yaf(a)ray uses a python-coded settings interface to set lighting and rendering parameters. This settings interface is launched by an entry automatically added in the Blender Render menu (once everything is installed).
  • To launch rendering, use the new ‘R E N D E R’ button in the settings interface. A separated window will pop up displaying the render progress as it was with the old versions. In this GUI, you can view and save your images. Some more features are planned and if you have ideas, let us know (or send patches …).
  • The render GUI will block Blender as long as it’s open. So you must close the GUI in order to continue with Blender. Remember to save your render in your hard disk before closing the render GUI.

AWesome thanks ill fo try that right away ill be back if it doesnt work

I dont have that option . The only thing with a python icon is save render layers.

You have to install yaf(a)ray 0.1.0
Take a look at the downloads page in