Need your expertise...

Hey guys, well its bin a couple of months since i touched blender and now im back, and resuming my n00b learning. Here’s something I’ve been working on for the past 3days (yes i know 3 days!!! :eek: i suck i know)

Could you guys please help me with the circled areas and any other places you think need working…:no:


hello, i may be getting a bit ahead of my self, but how would i make it look something like this?

i’m a noob too. here is a video from a non noob but it goes really fast.

Oh nice… cheers bro, wish it had some explanations though…But its amazing how clean the model is.

Btw how do i get that white nice looking render with blender

I would learn edge flow. Also, try not to end up with 5 faces connecting at one point. Don’t use triangles unless you absolutely need them to cut off a loop.