Need your help regarding vram limitations

Hi guy’s,

Currently having a hard time making final decision to buy either an rtx 2060 vs an rx 580 because of the 2 GB vram gap difference.

The type of work i am doing is mainly modeling with displacement + manipulating a few heavy scenes and finally i will need to render a few cut-scene for a video game and the scene models will be optimize with reasonable texture size.

What i would like to know is the kind of scene that i would not be able to render in Blender with 6 GB of vram.

Also if some of you could provide a few example where you ran out of vram it would help me and other to chose wisely since video card price are still expansive for many of us currently.

I also know that blender can now compensate and switch to system ram but i have no idea how reliable it is now?

I don’t want to spend 500$ on a card to see later on that i cannot do my work with it.

Are you more concerned about raw computation, ram size, CUDA support, or price?

If you are using blender in a professional capacity, I recommend spending a bit more money to get something you can be confident will meet your needs.

My main concern is a little bit of everything you mention but some people said they never run off of vram with 6 GB , regarding cuda they are saying that amd is now capable of handling everything with a little drawback but a programer from AMD is currently working on it at the Blender institute so it might improve in coming months.

The rtx 2060 is almost performing as good as a rtx 2070 but it has only 6 GB of vram and the price difference is 200$ where i live so 500$ for the rtx 2060 would be great if the 6 GB would be enough for my need.

The RTX cards don’t provide any benefit in Blender over a GTX card with equivalent performance. I would look at getting a previous generation card at a discount. For the price of an rtx 2060 you might be able to get a 10xx series card with more ram and faster processing for the same price. I don’t know for certain, shop around.

6gb is probably fine, especially if you aren’t working with super high resolution textures. It’s impossible to be certain without running tests with representative scenes, but if you needed more you would probably know it.


I think i found a decent solution to my dilemma, i have 2 old computer one with an i5 quad core and the other a core 2 duo so i think that if the need occur i could simply render complex scenes with cpu and this way my work station will remain fully available while i render all day long with the other pc.

I will just need to get more ram and this should solve my problem.

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also note, out-of-core memory is feature supported on modern AMD GPUs

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Yep i saw that on one thread but is it reliable enough in the current state?