Need your opinion on Wacom boards

I don’t know if it correct forum to ask, but I’ll give it a try.
I consider buying the Wacom Intuos3 graphic board. Do somebody worked with that “gadget” ?
Is it comfortable to work with it with blender?
What is the + and the - of the work with the board instead of mouse?

Thank you very much…

I have a 6x11 intuos3. It’s fantastic, though I usually use the mouse for all blender work except sculpting. It’s great for painting textures though.

You can’t go wrong with a Wacom Intuos 3. I have a 6x11 as well. After you’ve used one, using a mouse will feel akin to painting with a brick.

There are some people who have difficulties drawing on one plane and seeing results on another. You get used to it after a while though.

I have a wacom tablet and find that it does not work very well with Blender. Because Blender is right-click intensive and the right-click button is actually on the pen and not on the pad (maybe you can reverse this in the control panel) it makes manipulating objects extremely difficult.

That’s true. You can use the expresskeys to do pretty much anything though.

Painting with a brick can feel really good :wink:
Still, I’ve been using (not very often: only when I don’t have a brick at hand…) and also lending my little graphire for more than seven years now, and it still works. Just make sure you treat it respectfully, store it in a dry place, don’t lose the special pen (I attach it to the tablet when not in use).
Of course it is most usfull for texture painting, sculpting, I also recently used it at skinning time to weight paint bones influences.
After helping somone else to use it recenty, I confirm that some people might have more difficulties than others to watch the monitor instead of their hands while drawing. But she managed to get very good results in the end.

To solve the issue about grabing objects there is a new option in the preference window: “Drag Immediately”

Just try the forum search next time… Topics like Wacom, nVidia vs. ATI, lock one axis on scaling, mirror something, missing python and stuff are are posted over and over again once a week ^^

Cheers dude . . . you are right on the button for that,

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Wacom, though I have never owned one. Intuos3 is extremely popular.