Need your suggestions for a project.

I’ve been gorging on the wiki manual to get the requisite knowledge to do a MEGA project.
But then I realised that I’m forgetting a lot of it as I’m not using it often.
So I’ve decided to do a relatively small-scale project as a sort of stepping stone.

I thought of another car/bike, but I’ve done it before and it won’t really be challenging.
So I want you to suggest idea(s) for a medium scale project.
It should be challenging in all departments - modeling, materials, texturing, lighting and rendering.
I’m going for a still, not a game or animation.
And yes, non organic.

P.S.- “medium scale” might be too vague, and mean different to different people. So for example,think of a detailed car in a detailed environment.
Again, as you can see, I can’t think beyond cars.:o


…lol. Just as a top chess player can think outside the chess board in the first instance.

A Tiger maybe?
Oh, non-organic, right…

A Mechatiger?

Find a piece of music you like at and make a video.
eg: http://

How about … a shrubbery?

One that looks nice.

And not too expensive.

No cars? Then try power boats, yachts, large scale farm equipment like a combine, subway, antique trains, lighthouses. There are lots of things to model

Alright. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I’ve decided that I can’t run away from organic stuff forever. I’ll be doing a Batmobile.

very organic, lol

Did you know that specifically sports cars are organic and mechanic at the same time? :slight_smile:
Their shape is often chosen by designers to be the one of an animal :slight_smile: - it’s quite aerodynamic anyway and it looks good to our eyes.

Which one?

You’ve got quite an array of them going back to before World War II.

You could start with the one that was a combination of the 1936 Cord and a Lincoln, and work your way through them all.

I’ll be doing my own concept. It will be completely original, futuristic and kick-ass.
Inspiration comes from the “Honda-Great Race 2025” sketches.

@kram1032- Yep. Designing cars is my ultimate dream.

Helicopters always look really cool 3d,
im trying one soon