Need your urgent help!

Hello Blenders!

I normally don’t do this, but I need urgent help. I’m taking part in a winning contest, and I’m in a bit of drawback.
All you have to do is follow the link at: and vote one me clicking the red button (as seen on the image above). If it turns blue, then you successfully voted. This is urgent to me, I hope I can count on you. :yes:
If you need something in exchange(subscribe on youtube, follow on twitter or whatever), I can help too. :slight_smile:

I voted, could you subscribe to me on YouTube. Thank.

I subbed! Thanks for your help! I still need your assistance, so vote for me please! :slight_smile:

Tell me a little bit about your qualifications. What is your stance on global warming?

That is a difficult question, my dear Sir/Madame! In my humble opinion, kind of both sides have a good point.
Common opinion A: Save the planet, go green. Yes, follow your instincts, let your offsprings build a future and save the wonderful values of the Earth, which are worth living for (Which is also difficult to explain, but don’t get too sophisticated).
Common opinion B: people are monsters, they deserve this. Yes, we are like viruses, we multiply and destroy our own host. Like in our current topic, with gas emissions that generate the greenhouse effect resulting in unforeseen consequences. It’s the nature of humans, we don’t care as soon as we have the power.
But what is the truth? You can do nothing serious about it, unless you are holding one of the causative companies. The moment when people will really care about will be the time, when it’s already too late, because the love of the power.
I hope I satisfied your curiosity with my quick exposition. And what is your stance?
And of course, don’t forget to vote for me! :smiley:

You know I think the problem with the whole Global Warming thing is that people don’t like ultimatums. Personally I feel that, by and large, the majority of people are happy to see new technologies replace oil and coal, but they don’t want to be forced, coerced or frightened into making the switch.

Ultimately newer technologies are going to replace older ones, this happens with pretty much any technology and we don’t need a gun to our heads in order to make it happen. If anything the whole Global Warming argument might actually be turning more people against alternative energies simply because they don’t like to feel as though the technology is being pushed on them.

I think that switching to newer energy generation technologies is going to happen one way or another, but I don’t like the idea of placing too much faith in the world’s scientists. I think science is wonderful and am quite thankful for the hard work our scientists are doing, but scientists have, many times, believed through and through themselves to be correct only to end up proving themselves wrong later down the road.

I’m happy to listen to the advice that scientists give and put weight on it in my decision making process, but simply accepting their arguments as gospel is not in my nature. Sometimes all the evidence in the world can point to something and yet still be incorrect. Until the day comes in which we have learned literally all there is to learn I will continue to say, well we could be wrong.

I like to subscribe to the theory “the only constant is change.” History shows that the Earth has gone through many changes in it’s life, who’s to say that Global Warming isn’t just one of those changes, even if it’s man-made. Originally the Earth’s atmosphere had very little oxygen content, it was the development of plant life that changed all of that. Life is merely a part of any and all natural cycles, knowingly or unknowingly.