Needed-1 Blender Artist

Hi all!
I’m currently at college studing applied media (film, TV and radio), unfortunately animation isn’t offered at this campus.
We have a project for Production Management which I am doing in a group. We have an idea of using a floating feather which represents a child’s dreams, as he follows it. We agreed the best way to do it is to use an animated feather. Our lecturer said he is happy to create the feather, as long as I can get him 3D max. I offered Blender, but he said he ‘didn’t like it’.
I have been doing the n00b to pro wiki over the last few months, but I’m not quiet there yet.
I was hoping if someone is looking for something to create this weekend, they would like to help me out.
I am looking for a red feather (phoenix) that we can move a bit in the breeze.
Thanks a lot, I want to shock the lecturer with what blender can do.
Thanks heaps!

Oh, what blender can do :slight_smile: show him this video “Big Buck Bunny” made fully and completely with the genius program blender yay.

Nobody has the time?
Anyone know where I could get some help with it?

I’ll try to do it quickly although I may not get it done today. (30 Aug NZ)
When does it need to be done by?

Doe it need to be a just a model or what?

And if I’m not mistaken, BBB has some feathers in it, too!

If your lecture has the skills to create a feather in 3D MAX, it would suggest that he already has the program - but then why would he need his students to purchase the program

if he knows how to do it in MAX - he should have no problem in Blender

Sounds like your lecturer is trying to get you to purchase him a copy a MAX?
getting poor students to buy you software is pretty low

here is a tutorial link from BAM#2 - animating a feather

better yet - send this link to your lecturer with a copy of Blender (but tell him it’s MAX)

Thanks to all the replies.
It would be great to have it done by the end of the week, or the week after, just to test and see if its going to work. But we have about 2 months until the finished project needs to be handed in.
I’ll have a go at that tut on falling feathers, but i’m still learning the basics, so I don’t know how well I will go.
I’ll also check out BBB files and see if I can find a feather to use.
Thanks guys!-I’ll keep you posted

don’t worry about the particle part of the tutorial (because the particles have changed - and you might not want more than 1 feather)
but it will show you how to do a basic texture mapped feather and animate it

but here is the BBB feather


bird_FEATHER.blend (645 KB)