Needed - a talented intern / new graduate for low poly Environment Design [400$/month]

Hi Guys!

We are developing an educational app and we need a very talented and independent 3D environment designer.

Style : cartoonish low poly (as in the Polygon Runway channel on youtube)
Work to be done : huge island with many cities, villages, farms (ancient and modern) + rendering. Manym assets will be provided.
Contract length : 2/3 Months, might be extended

  • The island has been designed in World Machine, it needs to be reworked in a low poly style
  • We have a large amount of low poly assets (no need to reinvent the wheel) but some need to be adapted.

There is a large amount of work to do, so much that after this project you will likely become a style expert.
We are a bunch of coders with no income yet, however, we can provide a small compensation to cover basic charges (while you are still living with your parents).

lowpoly.bmp (3.7 MB)

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Hello. I want to work with you. I saw the picture you provided. I want to help and work with you.

Hi, your project seems awsome, i’ve just PM you. Would be awesome to work with you!

Hello, are you looking for a 3D artist , the role is very appealing to me. May I please have your email address so I can send you my portfolio?

Hey guys! First of all, I’m a big fan of the lowpoly style you’re going with. The project sounds like a joy to work on and I believe I can hit the mark you’re aiming at.

Just a little bit about me-- I am employed full time but spend most of my free time modeling, animating, and generally just trying to improve my craft. I’m currently working on building my portfolio to land a job in the 3d field and would love to be a part of your project.

Please feel free to message me for my phone number or email me at [email protected]

Thank you guys for looking and I hope to hear back from you.


Here’s a little environment I quickly put together.

This is my portfolio, my scence really match with your describe:
I can be reached anytime via email at [email protected] , or Discord: Lance#3537, or PM direct to me.

Hi there- I was the Lead 3D artist and Animator on Ruths Journey (an Upcoming game)

Modeled more than 200 low-poly objects as well as optimization on texturing and custom collisions

as for my general reel:

Feel free to email me at [email protected]
or send me a DM!

Hello, I am a specialist in hard surface modelling area, If I could work part time it would be really cool. Let me know if it is possible.

Hello is this job taken?

I’ll send you a pm with my portfolio and some of my work

Im looking forward working with your team, as intern,
greeting from Nepal
some my work :

If you haven’t found anyone yet, you can always message me [email protected]
The project at hand seems interesting and I hope I can be of assistance.

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