Needed Animaniac to position a human hand

I have a rigged human hand and need it positioned to develop products have one project in the works and another one on the way may be able to pay a little! I have a link to the file when you are ready!

Hey, Just little advice:

I’m not interested but more people may would be if you post some pics of the hand and rig. That would help them to decide if they help you or not and you might get some response.

Good luck!

I could help you but only if you could give me what you have made thin I could get it in no time

I have provided you with a link to the hand is there anything else I can do to help get this done?

would you be willing to share that link on the forum here, or is your hand model to be a mystery ?
While thinking about this, the mystery can’t be that hard, let me think 4 finger and a thumb what more could there be :slight_smile:
Well just place your dropbox model link here in the forum, you get more replies.

(if you want more people reply, or else dont do that).