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Hi, everyone! We’re looking for some people to join our Team. It’s a small dev team taking over 24 kinds of freelancing and other activities. Specificly I’m here for animation. The one you see in youtube. Have you ever seen a minecraft animation video that has less than 100 000 views? And less than 5k likes? People love to see graphics. So why not to make some stuff about it?
We’re talking not just about the minecraft but absolutly everything (secretly I’m even working on a game).
I guess the payment would come in soon if you do a lot. And the amount is left for you to choose.
Interested? Write a PM for me! Any kind of models would be accepted maybe even completed scenes. Lately we really need animators. There are some reqruitments:
first we’ll post everything on the team’s youtube channel,
you have to be team work ready and friendly! That’s it!!
We take it casual, no rough deadlines or whatever. In the meantime we could do some kind of additional money source as turbosquid or istock.
Any additional information will be provided in private or in the comment section (ask)!
Thanks! We’d really love to have some more people in the team!

You have made the same post is Paid and Volunteer work forums. Which is it ?
The paid forum is for real paid jobs

This one. I would love to delete that one but whatever.

I guess the payment would come in soon if you do a lot.
…that seems like a silly expectation

Will it fall from the skies?

What is the budget? Is there a business plan? So far this seems more like a call for volunteers

Then please make it clearer about what Bollebib refers to. Any kind of deferred payment will be classed as volunteer work.

I guess the popularity is more important. Payment will be the same that we’ll bring with the channel. We have a budget already but why to spend it here? We’ll pay anyone who helped to make the animation. Plus this is a long term offer (no official work) and you’ll get way more than that. For example attention, people, fun (xd) and more. You all are welcome in the team!

This is deferred pay.

Moved from “Paid Work” to “Volunteer Work”.

Are you just a team that enjoys creating something together ?
As I’m currently working on something that is to big for me alone.
I am missing the idea of building together (like one could do in second life) but with blender a lot better then SL.
If its just a team who like to work together, on ideas that live in the group.

Because i noted that each CG field (characters, nature, story lines, camera;s etc etc etc etc etc), at some point become specialisms.
And although Blender and Blender artist are great… i kinda mis a forum dedicated to people working on the same project.
If it is something like that, and you would be interested on what i work , and ofcourse i like to know what you make then write me an email.

Yes! I’ll tell you in private.

I would love to help, I will send you some stuff

Thank you! I’ll contact you in private.

Sounds interesstring, have you got some examples what level of details you want and so on?

Dr. Console, sure. I’ll contact you in private. Thanks.