Needed Freelance 3d modeler


We are a small two man indie game company called Ironcode ( We have been using Blender (since 2.25) for all of the art work. By we I mean me :evilgrin: .

We are now working on a new game for which we need to make lot of 3d scenes. We are on a very limited budget, so we are looking for a good and inexpensive ‘freelance’ modeler who can produce nice 3d models in respectable amount of time.

Its a paid work and you will be given due credit in the game as well

We are looking this as an (hopefully)longtime partnership, so this gig might lead to more work for you with us in the future.

Interested people cam mail me at gaurav(at)ironcode(dot)com

Or send me a link to their porffolio.


Some scenes.

Correct email address?

probably “ironcode” instead of “roncode”

Sorry for the screw up :wink: Thats gaurav-at-ironcode-dot-com *Fixed

Ta for the fix-up!

how much work is involved

could you send me more information to my email address?

[email protected]