Needed: Model low poly character papercraft mask/helmet from existing artwork


I’m looking for assistance as my blender skills are a bit rusty (and not that amazing to begin with).

Willing to pay US$50 to person who can successfully assist. (It’s a near zero budget project)

There is 2 parts to the project;

  1. Model the helmet from an existing artwork (to be supplied once you’re in contact) - It’s not a super complex model. The front half I’ve started on has only 25 polygons.

  2. Create a flat map of the model that can be printed onto cardboard and folded into a wearable helmet. Will need to add tabs to be glued, minimize size, etc. I will be doing the physical printing and folding myself - I just need help to get the map.

The end result to look something along the lines of this (Though colour to be printed rather than painted):

Get in contact if you can assist - anyone who has previously created physical papercraft objects would be great.


senornz at gmail