Needed Modelers For a non profit horror game

Hello If your reading this then you must be interested in modding for me. We have 2 people on working on designing the game and 5 voice actors we also have some drawings of what we need models that includes Npc’s and props. if you join us you will be able to test the demos of the game to see how your moddles look( if you would like) and be in the process of what goes into the game or not the game will be made in unity and released for free. if you help you will be put into the credits of the game that will be able to be accessed in the main menu of after the game is completed.

If you want to help please join this discord:

Or email [email protected] with the subject The Horror With In

(discord is easier for us so please try to use that thank u)


I have been out of modelling for a while but looking to get back into it again. Unfortunatley I do not have any previous work to show due to a number of failed HDD’s but if you have anything that you would like me to look into (small is good) I will be happy to contribute to this project.