Needed: Sheep Model

Hi guys, I’m working on a school project, and I desperately need a sheep-model. I have tried a few times, but to no avail :frowning: .

Thanks to all who contribute! :smiley:

Help? Please? :expressionless:

I cerrtainly can’t help you, but I can ask you some things you should have clarified.

What is the project? How are you using the sheep? Is the sheep the main subject or a background character? How realistic should the sheep look? Do you want a toon sheep or a realistic sheep? There might be other questions I haven’t thought of.

Looking for tips and techniques? hehe :smiley:

In my computer apps class, we have to design a fake object and sell it on the internet. My friend is doing an exploding sheep service (World of Warcraft joke) and so he asked me to come up with one. It does not need to be realistic, perhaps toon might be good, but realism is never bad. I mean never. Unless it’s a pokemon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask TiZeta, AndyD or Dwarfoze.


If you want to make a cheap model quickly, you might add a bunch of metaballs together until it resembles the fluffyness of a sheep (then convert it to a mesh) and then add legs and a head…
…just a thought…

use particles with halo.

i was playing around and it turned out somewhat like a cluster of balls together with white-grey gradients in them.

if you play around some more, it could look like fleece.

im suggesting metaballs like the previous post.


just made one in a 2 minutes to demonstrate the use of the metaballs

just download it

my host has some problems so you will have to change the filename from 50.end to 50.blend.

sorry for the inconvenience.

i know the sheep is crap. i just wanted to show you how it could be done with metaballs.

I always worry about contributing to other people’s school projects. But Striker, having seen your recent amazing entry in the Weekend Challenge,
I can’t understand why you don’t just whip a sheep together yourself?

Striker, your website claims you got second place but in the thread you got third place.

20% [ 16 ]
1% [ 1 ]
2% [ 2 ]
1% [ 1 ]
1% [ 1 ]
1% [ 1 ]
20% [ 16 ]
50% [ 40 ]
2% [ 2 ]

tied for second.

final voting statistics wrote:
AndyD 19% [ 14 ]
DarkSeraphim 1% [ 1 ]
datbenik 2% [ 2 ]
emfrobia 1% [ 1 ]
lucidMonkey 1% [ 1 ]
space.warp 1% [ 1 ]
StrikerMunc 17% [ 13 ]
WhiteBoy 52% [ 38 ]
Zorg 2% [ 2 ]

No, actually, not tied for second.

have you looked at it? where do you think I got my stats from? that quote from me was before the end.

Striker, if you scroll to the bottom of the voting thread you’ll see Theeth’s “final” count. The polls don’t close so it’s possible to add votes after the close time. You can still go back and vote on thread’s that are week’s old.

Not that it matters a damn. We’re talking one vote difference and your model was damned fine (I almost voted for it myself) and the votes don’t matter for anything other than individual egos. I don’t think we’re getting marked on this stuff - are we? :wink: and I’m certain the world won’t stop spinning no matter how the voes fall :slight_smile:

:expressionless: x1000000000000000000. whoopsie. sorry bout that. (lol i almost voted for you).

still, i need a sheep model :stuck_out_tongue: . would have built one by now, but have been really busy with school (trying to build my own chat application using only visual basic %| ) lol.

Hi StrikerMunc
I just started modelling a sheep for you.
Unfortunately last render made me laugh.
How will i get the “fur” ? what is a smart way for “fur”.
Now back to sheep modeling.