Needed tips to improve my environment model!! (Wall)

Hi. I actually don’t know the basic of modelling a building starting with wall. I need to know, did i use the right way to model the complex wall? for me, it seems hard to texture!! is it?

please share me some tips and helpful support for me!! I really need it!!! tell me if there any way to build complex wall that well-organized so it’ll be easy to texture!!

It looks ok to me. What’s the problem, is your texture getting squashed or stretched? If that is the case, use ‘object’ for map input. just make a cube, and in the map input buttons for your wall material, click ‘object’, and in the text field that is nearby, write the object name of the cube. ( case sensitive btw ). scale the cube in order to scale the texture, if needed.

ok… so, how about to make the UV map? should i mark the seam and then unwrap it all? well, i wonder of it coz this complex wall won’t fit in a UV map. The quality will be worst as there’s not enough spaces for the huge walls into one image like this!! any tips???

Change the mapping from ‘flat’ to cube’ (In 2.5x it’s the ‘projection’ option in the texture editor)

sorry, i’ve change my previous question. i was talking about to make it into UV map!

I dont understand why you go for a total uv-map of every wall-face?
Do you need separate textures for every wall? Where are the repeating parts?
You know you can combine different uv-mappings, so you can even use multiple
images as source-texture as long as you combine those with a new (and possible different) uv-mapping-setup. The list of created uv-maps is in the object-subwindow where the list of the vertices-groups is.
And there are examples to use different ways to project a image to an object (maybe with later bake this setup to a complicated uv-map). Look for
… link?

there should be a lot more to be find, … even for blender-2.5x with its bit different user-interface-setup.

missed on nice link for uv-project-modifier usage with sample-blend-files: