Needing help with modelling a female character.

I have looked and looked for tutorials, but they all go too fast, or leave out stuff and I get lost, and I’ve looked for reference images and only found a small handful worth using. I am looking for a tutorial on how to comprehensively model a low poly female character. It needs to explain everything from setting up the background image (and getting it to appear cause it looks dark with my default lamp, and this never happens in the tuts) to making the polygons appear over each image in each window, and it needs to in depth explain all the commands and keys pressed. I am getting very discouraged, and have followed other tuts before, but this seems to be one of the hardest things to find out how to do. Most tuts like I said, go too fast, don’t speak clearly, and just leave out “simple” stuff that they think you already know. I’ll link a tut I was trying to use, but could not follow past the first step cause it just isn’t the same as mine. Are there any legit tutorials out there for this type of thing?

I desperately need a good tut, thank you.

have you tried the joan of arc tutorial? kind of cartoony, but it goes step by step, with clarity, andpeople tend to really like it.

I have not looked up that one yet. Thank you :slight_smile: I will definitely give it a try. Kinda cartooney is what I’m going for. I don’t want it to be ‘anime’ style, or particularly ‘realistic’ either. I want it somewhere between western art, and kinda-real looking faces as far as proportions go. I want her to have a petite frame, but not obnoxiously hot, and taught :stuck_out_tongue:

I just looked up the Joan of Arc tutorial, and I didn’t realize it was a written tutorial. I should have been more specific, but I was looking for a video tutorial. I pretty much suck at following written tuts unless they have a lot of pictures to show exactly where the stuff is they are talking about is.

I guess what I’m basically having trouble with is getting the reference image into blender and having it show up properly. In these tuts, it always shows a front and side picture, and the 3D mesh you are working on lines up perfectly with them. For me, it is all over the place, and you can’t move them in each window independently of each other to set them on the corresponding image. In mine, I can’t get the mirror modifier to work right cause unlike in the tutorials, my model isn’t perfectly centered. Also, in the tutorials, the lighting is always perfect. In mine, I have to add lamps just to be able to see the image.

I think at some point, I did accidentally overwrite the default blender scene with some custom settinga so maybe this is what is making it not set up consistently with the tuts. How do you restore Blender to its default scene (as in, the cube you see when you first download it?).

what I usually do is make or download an image file which contains all the views that I need, load it into the view port in blender, line the model up with the first one I will use, then I make a key for location, rotation, and scale if needed, on frame 1. then I go to frame 2, change the position of the object to line up with the next view, make my keys, etc. So when you want to change from one view to the next, you just go ahead a frame or two ( or back ). If I am dealing with a number of objects, I just add an empty and parent them all to it. then I animate the empty rather than the mass of objects.